There is no doubt cloud analytics remains the best service model for massive data analysis. The premise of cloud analytics centralizes around delivering actionable insight configuration. Cloud analytics is the solution for business intelligence and collaborative planning. Here are the reasons:


One dispiriting aspect of on-premise analytics is that it requires you to roll out new hardware and software, including the need for a continuous set-up, upgrades, and maintenance. It can get expensive over time.

If you consider going fully on-premise, there are lots of hardware you’d have to consider getting. But it’s entirely different for cloud analytics. There’s no need to run time to time upgrades, installations, and purchase multiple hardware the same environment houses your entire analytics.


Cloud analytics is more trusted and secure than on-premise analytics. No wonder enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud technologies and having more data pushed to the cloud environment.

Now, here is the best part. It’s more efficient for extensive security monitoring on cloud framework and applications than what you have with on-premise analytics. Even when there is a data breach, it only takes a few minutes or hours to spot. It maintains a streamline that allows you to add entity context information and analyze end-to-end activities of the entity to detect actionable threat patterns.

The market today needs more insight, better approaches to natural language queries, more confident decision-making strategy, and predictions of future events…


Data analytics is increasingly advancing, and businesses need to be flexible to achieve the scalability and speed that can fire a real competitive advantage. Cloud analytics offers a limitless supply of access, storage and therefore, the ability to scale.

Cloud analytics helps your business become more agile as it offers flexibility regarding user management, costs and also options for security and performance.


You fuel productivity when every arm of your business is collaborating. Cloud analytics creates a centralized location for your data, readily accessible to anyone for data analysis. With a centralized location, you can track the success of any part in your business and distribute workloads to all with a single click.

If everyone in the organization can readily have are part of the analysis, it ensures the checkmates quality of your data and business streamline.

As a business owner, you always need to monitor your team and know how when it is best to use your insights. For on-premise analytics, this is an entirely different process. Cloud analytics allows you to have an eye over every sphere, checkmate processes, strategize your business and stay up-to-date with insights that will help you build your business efficiently.


What’s the essence of data analysis if it’s not always reliable? On-premise systems are doing their bit for companies that use a rapid review of qualitative data.However, to ensure up-to-date validity anytime, your performance has to be over the cloud. With on-premise systems, you are limited to a massive pool of redundant IT resources – some of which are waste or needs configuration. Working over the cloud exposes you to applications and updates that can be easily transmitted to any of the available servers.

Strategic Edge

If you have critical applications that deliver significant business benefits, with no upfront costs and with minimal provisioning time, you have an advantage in the competition. Cloud analytics allows you to focus on your business goals and reduce the time you spend on other processes like checking cost, expressing governance and browsing new applications. If you can decide faster and confidently, then you have a place at the forefront of the competition.

To wrap it up, an analytical and diligent application of the above-listed factors will not only benefit your business growth but foster workforce unity, understand, and flexibility for optimized workflow productivity and efficiency.

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